LEGACY, Inc participates in "Youth Health Expo"

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Sat, 2012-04-21 20:18

LEGACY, Inc members Aleem Boatright, Jonathan Rowley, and Kerby Scales participated in a "Youth Health Expo" organized by the Children's National Medical Center, Adolescent Prevention Education Program (APEP) on Saturday, April 21, 2012, at King Greenleaf Recreational Center in SW Washington, DC.  The Youth Health Expo served as an all in one health fair, resource fair, and social event.  It was an idea created by the APEP Youth Advisory Board Student Leaders to spread the word about health and wellness.  The Expo included performances by local youth, open mic, and many free items such as raffles, HIV testing, health information, gift cards, and food.  LEGACY Inc. members discussed their participation with APEP.  LEGACY, Inc members serve as facilitators for APEP's programs which include Focus on Youth and Teen Life Club.  LEGACY Inc members also discussed their tutoring, mentoring, and volunteer partners program.