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In 2008, we were just a group of 12 young professional black engineers with the desire to serve as Mentors in the Washington DC metro area. Through our participation in various youth outreach programs, we became increasingly aware of the overall lack of male support and participation.  Where were the male Mentors, the fathers, or the older brothers?  Why aren’t more of us involved in programs meant to benefit our children?  What can we do to change the trend?  It was these questions and our belief that there is a considerable need for positive black men to be role models in the community that lead us to found LEGACY Inc.


Who is LEGACY, Inc?  We are now a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization whose goal it is to leave a legacy of promoting positive change in the lives of youth, and by so doing give our youth the opportunity to define a legacy of their own.  Our members truly believe that, by empowering our youth and advancing their development, we can challenge them to make a difference in their community.  For this reason, we dedicate ourselves to connecting with and engaging young men through various community partnerships and signature programs.  With a Board of Directors composed entirely of college graduates and working professionals from various social and economic backgrounds, LEGACY, Inc. and its member represent decades of education and life experience that can be used for the benefit of our young men and women.  As we grow our volunteer membership and expand our programs, we will continue to do our best to academically and politically empower our youth by promoting citizenship, scholarship, and leadership in the communities we serve. 


So join us as we aid our children in answering the age old question....What is your LEGACY?  Here is how you can participate!